Cornyrius Campaign

Red Claw Tribe

Rayne caught the trail of the goblin who fled with the Ogre’s Fang so the party marched west. They marched a full day making camp once before reaching an outcropping of rocks and ruins. Rayne cautioned the party to stand their ground something was amiss. Skye successfully located and disabled a trip wire in the middle of the outcropping. Rayne then searched through the rubble and found a small tunnel entrance buried beneath the old stone blocks. The party squeezed into the tunnel until it eventually opened up. The floor was full of rubble from the rubble the floor gradually began to incline before topping off at a flat surface with three large pillars holding the roof of the dwelling. Skye sneaked his way through the rubble scouting out what he could see of the room. Near the pillars stood three goblins on watch. Skye motioned the party to enter the room quietly however Nadar failed to be stealthy in his full plate mail and the goblins began to throw javelins. Brewntuk charged up the incline only to trip just in front of one of the goblins.Once the party reached the top of the summit they were greeted by Red Claw Skirmishers and another Red Claw hexer. The warriors and skirmishers pulled the gaps in the pillars placing the parties movement at a stand still giving time for the hexer to unleash his red hex cloud. The hexer moved closer to combat as the goblin line was weakening to better assist his guards. Nadar attempted to engage the hexer only to spring another pressure point trap within the room. Nadar fell hard into the pit where a group of hungry beasts waited for him. The hexer managed to grab the ledge and pull himself to safety but it was to no avail. The goblins were bested and soon he fell as well. The party rested for a few minutes before Skye again returned to point an investigated the hallway out of the room. Skye again sneaked into the hall and was able to see the room to his left was full of zombies locked in by a portcullis. He peered into the other room and noticed two shadows in the room. Skye returned to the party to tell them what he had seen and to try and devise a plan. Skye noticed that the portcullis lever was on the interior wall zombie room. Rayne suggested jamming the lever. Once locked in he would fire on the unsuspecting targets in the other room drawing them to a full party ambush. Skye successfully jammed a dagger in the lever making it inoperable. He then allowed the party to move in before firing in on one of the goblins. The goblins rushed out unable to escape the trap and were crushed by the party. Within the goblin room a large dusted statue of the great ogre loomed over the room. Rayne searched the statue finding a small stash of gold and a healing potion. The party went down the hall and up the stairs to the last door. Nadar bursts open the after Skye peered through it. He saw another hexer back next to a gaping hole in the floor as well as a hobgoblin archer. Upon entering Skye realize that two hobgoblins were flanking the door so remained hidden until he entered. The hexer fired off the red hex cloud in which Nadar charged to the hexer as a response. Shortly after the hexer was pushed into the hole in the floor by a bull rush from Nadar. The hexer plummeted to his death. With the rest of the party working on the hobgoblin guards Nadar turned to the archer. The party dispatched the hobgoblins and Skye attempted to open the locked door to the south. He failed his frist attempt but on his second he managed to pick the lock and the door opened. Inside was the goblin barracks. The room was a natural cave with a door placed at the entrance. The barracks reeked of waste an spoiled food. Nadar searched the the room finding a magically suit of chain mail as well as four small statues. The party then ventured down the spiral staircase deep into the ground. The stair case opened to a tiny room with a goblin painted in red paint wearing tribal dressings next to a large stone sarcophagus. The Goblin was High Shaman Sarscog the leader of the Red Claw tribe. He spoke in common to the adventures of trying to raise the terror from his death to help protect his broken clan from Human encroachment. Mikail asked of the ritual to which Sarscog explained what was to be done. The ritual would never work even with the Ogre’s Fang in his possession. Sarscog could attempt but he would never have what was needed to complete the ritual. When asked about the attack, Sarscog replied he was merely taking what was rightfully Red Claw property. From that Mikail recalled Curwin speaking of a wizard how sold the Fang to him a week ago. Feeling assured Sarscog would not attack Hirondel again the party left him to his impossible ritual. The party returned to Hirondel to find more information of the traveling wizard and to inform Imara of what happened with the Red Claw Tribe.



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