Cornyrius Campaign

If the price is right...

A Half Orc, Changling, Razortooth Shifter, and a Half Elf all find themselves at a makeshift refugee camp in the saymar province near the border of Tazmygor and Ebeos. The horrors of the war are evident as the people live in poverty hoping to recieve work, provisions, or anything they can find to support themselves. For some the camp has become all that they know. For others it is a stop en route to help pay for their trek to their homelands. The chracters travel around the camp before arriving at one of the only solid structures within the camp. The building is a rickety wooden building refered to by the refugees as “The Griffons Gullet”. Upon entering the chracters speak with various refugees ordering what little food and drink they can afford. Seperately they sit eating and drinking before approaching three well equipped humans laughing and toasting in a corner of the so called tavern. The adventures refer them to a small shack just outside of the residential tent encampment. They refer the chracters to their employer Badger. Badger is said to offer jobs for those compentant and able to handle his delicate matters. Arriving at seperate times the ill tempered Badger berrates the chracters as they enter. The halfling Badger is quick to notice the chracters are not ordinary refugees and offers them all a bit of work should they find a way to work together. Mikail the half elf warlock ensures Badger of his abilites to lead the party to success. Badger tells of a caravan cart that has gone missing on its way to the camp. He offers to pay handsomely if the party can find and retrieve the unknown goods it was carrying. Armed with little knowledge the party follows the path from the camp. Several hours of walking reveal what looks to be cart tracks veering off into a wooded thicket off the trail. While the trail appears to wear off Rayne the shifter shaman detects the soft indents in the folliage and they contine further. Finally the thicket opens to reveal an out cropping of sorts one that has been cut away from the interior as to not reveal its presence from the road. At the far side of the clearing the cart can be seen. Badly beaten and damaged yet still intact. Brewntuk the half orc monk moves closer to the cart only to be ambushed by a readied goblin brute. More goblins jump out from within and around the cart and the battle ensued. After defeating the goblins the party made its way into the cart to retrieve the goods. The cart held four large strongboxes all with locks. Despite several picking attempts Skye the changeling rogue was unable to pick the locks. The adventures took turns bashing the locks until one opened. The packages within the boxes all wore the mark of the Imperium. Imperium guards after hearing the skirmish ran through the thicket to confront the party. Skye attempted to change into Badger hoping to have a connection with the guards but they were unaware of who Badger was. The guards formally charged the party with unlawful search and siezure of Imperium goods after being unable to produce formal papers regarding the matter. Mikail failed at persuading the guards to let them return with the cart howerver after his explanation of the goblin assault the guards dropped formal charges allowing the party to go free but the Imperium had taken control of the goods. Not leaving empty handed Rayne managed to sucessfully hid a package admist the commotion to bring to Badger. Players returned to Badger’s shack with unfufilled promises and a whole new set of problems.



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