Dragonborn Paladin


Ability Scores: STR-19, CON-13, DEX-10, INT-10, WIS-14, CHA-16

Defenses: AC-21, FORT-18, REF-16, WILL-17

HP-46, Speed-5, Initiative-2,

Senses: Passive Insight-14, Passive Perception-14

Languages-Common, Draconic

Major Skills: Diplomacy-10, History-9, Intimidate-12, Religion-7

Feats: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade), Weapon Proficiency (Full Blade), Lightning Reflexes


At-Will-Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands-2 x per day

Encounter-Dragon Breath, Divine Mettle, Divine Strength, Radiant Smite, Strength from Valor

Daily-Paladin’s Judgement

Utility-Sacred Circle

Magic Items:

Armor-Stoneborn Armor +1

Neck-Amulet of Health +1

Others-Potion of Healing x 1


The only thing that Nadar has known his whole life, is war.

Five years into the war and the Dragonborn still refused to get involved. They believed that it was of no concern of theirs and that the Imperium wouldn’t dare try to attack their great mountain cities. They were wrong.

It was a night of celebration for the Koran family as they were eagerly expecting the newest member of their clan to hatch from his egg. The egg finally cracked and Nadar burst out from inside it. Nadar’s family was surprised to see that not only was Nadar a solid white color, but that as he emerged from his egg, he unfurled a tail from around him as well. Suddenly a tremendous explosion ripped through the city as a huge fireball slammed into the main citadel. The Imperium had attacked and were quickly swarming into the city. Though the Dragonborn were quick themselves to rally and respond to the threat, their valiant efforts were no match for the Tazmygorian war machines. Within minutes of being born, Nadar was able to stand up and walk out to the terrace to see the burning horizon of the once magnificent city. Realizing their defenses were failing, many of the noble Dragonborn families fled into the secret tunnels in the back of the city and through the mountain. As Nadar was being carried away, he could still see the sky burning a bright orange from the fires that were burning the home which he hadn’t even gotten to know yet.

For the next thirteen years, Nadar and his family traveled from one territory to the next, evading the Imperium for as long as they could and joining up with other Dragonborn families that had suffered the same fate as them. During that time, Nadar grew and developed quickly, as most Dragonborn do and he was taught the Dragonborn art of sword fighting. He was also taught the ancient traditions of the Paladin and was versed in the teachings of Bahamut and how important it was to protect those that he cared about. Nadar developed a close relationship with his father and through the many acts of diplomacy that his father attempted to gain the aid of the other nations, he learned the values of etiquette and honor, even when faced with the rejection and scorn of others. Nadar enjoyed listening to his fathers stories about what their families life was like before the war. About how grand and magnificent their cities were, even more so then the cities of the other nations they had visited and he was told tales about ancient Dragonborn artifacts, that if found could help them tip the scales in their favor to help them reclaim their lands. Nadar dreamed of the day when he could do something to help his people rebuild the once great civilizations that they had.

Finally, afters years of travelling and negotiations, enough of the remaining Dragonborn had come together to join the resistance and create an effective counter assault against the Tazmygorians. With their new found allies among the other nations, they slowly began to push back against the relentless Imperium assault. They had some initial victories along the fringes, but unfortunately were unable to gain much ground once the main Imperium machines started to move to the front lines. Realizing that the Imperiums advantage were their machines, plans were made to sneak into one of their outposts and attempt to steal some of them for their own use. The Dragonborn volunteered to make the attack themselves and Nadar and his father were among the force that would infiltrate.

Everything was going well as they made their way into the outpost. They were easily able to take out what few guards were stationed around the warehouse their scouts had marked out for them ahead of time. Then they quickly rushed inside, only to find out that they were betrayed. The Imperium were already inside waiting for them with autocrossbows pointed straight at them and as they stood there facing off, one of the Imperium officers, a staunch built man named Niklas stepped forward and said “Good job Cathar, I guess one of your kind is good for something.” Cathar, one of the scouts, stepped forward away from his compatriots to take his place next to his new Imperium allies. Cathar was secretly a follower of Tiamat and saw the Imperium as an opportunity to further his Deities will. “You are all fools to think that we could resist the take over of the Imperium. Haven’t you seen Bahamut has left you?” Niklas sneers as he gives his order “finish them” and with a wave of his hand his soldiers spray the Dragonborn with an overwhelming volley of crossbow bolts, mowing down the Dragonborn quickly. Nadars father quickly tries to get Nadar out amidst the confusion. Just as they’re exiting through the back way that they had come in, a volley of bolts rushes towards them and strikes Nadars father in the back as he goes to cover Nadar. Not wanting to leave his father behind, Nadar carries him out of the outpost and into the woods. “Nadar….you mustn’t…blame…Bahamut..” Nadars father gasps as he’s dying in his sons arms. “Keep…your faith..and restore..our..people…..” As Nadars father fades, filled with a solemn grief and determination, Nadar vows. “Don’t worry father, I’ll restore our once great civilization, but it won’t be with Bahamuts help.”


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