Half-Elf Warlock / Shrewd Diplomat / Dark Pact


Main Stats

AC: 14
Str: 9 / -1 / 0
Con: 16 / 3 / 4
Int: 16 / 3 / 4
Wis: 14 / 2 / 3
Cha: 18 / 4 / 5


Passive Insight: 20
Passive Perception: 12
Fort: 14
Ref: 15
Will: 16


The story starts with Carrick of Galvan. Carrick met a young elven when he was in his 20s and although against the wishes of his family and friends they wed. A few years later they had a son and named him Mikal. Mikal was raised to be a well-mannered, well spoken young man. As he progressed in age, he learned the under workings of politics. While one shows his good side to public, often behind closed doors it can be a different story.

His father did quite well as a politician, but one deal might have proved to be his last. He was pushing for power in his patricular house and was opposed by a man named Wiln. Galvan lost the election by very few votes. Feeling depressed and not knowing any other options, he decided that if Wiln had an “accident” and died, the postion would be given to him by default Galvan paid a peasent to kill Wilnin passing along the busy streets. What Galvan didn’t know is that the other politician was backed by an evil Warlock named Kravis. Through his powers as a Dark Pact warlock, Kravis figured out that Galvan was behind the killing of his dear friend Wiln. Kravis caught up with Galvan soon after his discovery and mercilessly slayed him.

Mikal; at the age of fifteen; woke one morning to his mother shouting and crying. She informed him his father was killed. There were no leads to the killer except for that he was killed by a Dark Eldritch magic. From this point on, Mikal devoted his life to finding out the man who killed his father. He was only able to find out very little information as he was just in the early stages of becoming a politician in his fathers footsteps. In his mind the only way to dind out the source of such magic, was to use the magic himself until he was strong enought to oppose whoever killed his father. Mikal found a Demon whom would guide him along the ways of the Dark Pact. Mikal studied hard and practiced his magic well and was impressed by how quickly he could learn with the help of his teacher. Mikal vowed revenge on whoever killed his father and would someday face his murderer in the future.


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