Cornyrius Campaign


The party gathered information regarding the traveling wizard known as Bulron. Bulron had left Hirondel several days before and had been going through the local archives along with those in the Saymarian capital regarding the Saymarian crown jewels. The adventurers found through Imara the the jewels were hidden and scattered throughout Saymar when the capital was marched on by Imperium forces. Imara said that it is believed that some of the jewels were taken to an ancient citadel within the Andorian mountians in the north. Imara urged the party to retrieve the lost artifacts before Bulron could. Such a find could be crucial to her masquerade ball and the reconstruction of Saymar. The party headed out from Hirondel back to the refugee camp in hopes their old contact Badger had more information regarding the citadel hidden in the mountains. The party Skye and Mikail bought 2 horses and a cart to speed the travel to the refugee camp and up to the mountain as well. When the party arrived at the camp they found a tall thin figure staring oddly about. The figure was soaked as if pulled from the recesses of the sea. His eyes and hair white as chalk his skin a series of light and dark patterns. The figure approached Nadar speaking to him of his insignias. He said he was drawn to his holy symbols and felt a kinship with him. Nadar noticed he wore a shell medallion around his neck. The creature called himself Sered. He said he remembered nothing of his homeland. Only that he was compelled to defeat evil where ever it may reside. Nadar asked Sered to join the party. The cleric of Melora wasted no time an wished to take action immediately. The party then rendezvoused with Badger. Badger spoke of the citadel in the mountains. The mountains were 3 days march from the camp, but Badger had no real map only that the citadel was up in the mountains and once near it, it would be easily recognized. Badger said the mountains may put them into Tazmygor itself so to be very careful and of course any thing of value he’d be happy to purchase.



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