Cornyrius Campaign

The Hiest

After some tactical reneogating on the part of Skye a new deal regarding retrieval of the goods was worked out. Badger agreed to up the stakes if the party could pry the goods from the Imperium’s hands by any means nessecary. As the next day began a new adventurer wandered to badger’s residence in search of work. Nadar a dragonborn paladin joined the ranks of the party as they set out to scout the Imperium camp. The party travelled back to the clearing in the woods to access the Imperium’s make shift camp. Skye attempted to scout the perimeter only to discover three guards an a large guard dog walking the parimeter. While the party stayed hidden in the woods Skye returned with the report. Skye brought more than a report he also caught the attention of the guard mastiff. Though the dog could not trace the scent it was aware of the presence of others near the camp. Skye proposed the idea of lacing a sling bolt with the scent of Nadar and firing it through the camp there by giving the dog something new to trace and a distraction to the guards in the camp. Nadar agreed greasing the bolt before Brewntuck fired the bolt. The bolt found its mark through the trees alerting the guards to the oppisite direction. However the mastiff was undetered. Brewntuck grappled the dog sucessfully. Nadar then charged the mastiff leaving Brewntuck unharmed. The dog threw Brewntuck an regained his composure. Skye headed into center camp to deal with the distracted guards. After a sucessful backstap the guards turned their attention to him. After being wounded Skye retreated into the forrest as the the rest of the party engaged the dog. The party realized they were taking fire from know source as they engaged the gaurds in melee combat. Skye attempted to change into a bugbear to frighten the guards providing a distraction for his fellow party members. However his lack of the goblin language and a failed imtimidate check made the distraction laughable at best. The party found the halfling sniper hiding in the cart with the goods as they closed in on the rest of the guards. When the battle went sour the last Imperium guard made a run for it. The group caught up with an dispatched the guard. The group returned to the camp removed the goods and returned to Badger’s. Badger collected three of the wooden lock boxes opting to give the party the last box full of old mundane weapons along with payment for a successful job. Within the box was amulet with an engraved snake and shield on it, tarnished copper bangles with flames etched upon them an a vial of pink liquid. Badge wasted no time in askin if the group was up for a delivery mission. After some debate the party began packing up for their travel to Hirondel a coastal town a few days march of the camp. Badgers contact Imyth would meet them in Hirondel an the rest of their payment would be collected on a successful drop.



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