Cornyrius Campaign

The catacombs

As they delved deeper into the subterranean fort, the history of there lands could be seen. Murals, paintings and statues depicting the great warrior Mulrock were found throughout the citadel. The party picked through the spoils of the long ago war taking what was deemed valuable or historically important to the Saymarians. As the party pillaged and looted the forgotten fort they noticed the walls suddenly turned unworked ab the smell of fetid water filled their nostrils. The hall was pitch black as they reached an opening from the corridor they could see a stagnant pool of water. Within the the shallow pool stood a young black dragon, who unleashed its corrosive breathe all over the unsuspecting warriors. The party bucked an dodged as they tried to bully the black dragon into a corner. The dragon fought ferociously but in the end the party proved to much as the combined efforts of Skye and Brewntuk brought the beast down to its knees for good.



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