Cornyrius Campaign

Road to Hirondel

The adventurers are set with the duty of escourting Badger’s goods to Hirondel a coastal town three days march from the refugee camp. As the party leaves town the skies are black as night. The heavens burst forth in a torrential down pour. The road is hard travelled with the rains but each night passes without incident or attack. As the rains had slowed the group it would take them four days to reach Hirondel rather then the usual three. The only trouble came on the morn of the fourth day. Brewntuk noticed the wheel of the cart was coming loose. With the help of skye the two repaired the wheel enough for it to reach town. The party reached the gates of Hirondel at midday. The town was alive with the hustle and bustle of business. Upon entry to the town Brewntuck left in search of the temple, while Rayne stayed near the gates with the cart. Skye and Mikal went in search of Imyth. As the two entered the market district the wall burst before their eyes spewing a small horde of goblins into the town. The goblins paid them no mind as they cut down a few merchants. Rayne hitched the cart near the gates and rushed to the sound of the explosion. Brewntuck across town at the temple also heard the commotion and rushed to aid his allies. Skye and Mikal engaged the goblins however they continued their purpose. They smashed into a store front and began to make off with something. The party reformed an brought the attack to the goblins. Despite their efforts one goblin escaped the battle with its stolen goods in tow. On the body of the squads leader was a rolled piece of parchment indecipherable to the group as none of them had knowledge of the goblin tongue. This was only the beginning of their troubles in Hirondel however as the cart was now missing. The proved difficult without their newly acquired paladin ally so Brewntuk returned to the temple in search of healing and rest. Skye, Mikal and Rayne began the search of the city for the one known as Imyth as well as their now missing goods. Mikal visited the shop keep which was vandalized. Inside he met Curwin an old Dwarf his shop full of oddities and curiosities. Curwin revealed that the item that was taken was a newly acquired but only a few days ago. He called the item Ogre Fang. From the shop Mikal met with the others at the Tall Tankard. Skye had been pumping citizens for information regarding Imyth and the missing cart. While none of the dead were Imyth. Skye discovered that Imyth was not a local merchant but came to sell his wares often and was still missing following the blast. The locals suggested searching the stables for their missing goods and donkey. The stables were run by three Dwarven brothers constantly arguing amongst themselves. The party found the donkey but no cart was to be found. The Dwarfs revealed that the local hooligan Druun sold them the donkey. Being that the bargain was unjustly struck the Dwarfs paid the adventurers for the mule. The party returned to the tall tankard to find more of this Druun. The locals described Druun as the local ruffian often getting into trouble where ever he could find it. They described him as a stocky hot headed young dwarf with tattoos along his arms and dressed himself in dark leather clothing. They said he frequents the docks. Night had fallen as the heroes traveled across town yet again to the docks. The workers were finishing as the adventurers questioned them. The dock workers said that Druun is often at the docks at night long after the harbor master will allow workers to be out so any of his affairs he must hire his own help or do it himself. The party went into the Fisherman’s Pub in hopes of waiting for Druun. In the early morning hours still cloaked in darkness Druun arrived on the docks. The party cornered and pressed Druun about the cart. A successful intimidate on the part of Skye loosened Druun’s lips. Druun no longer had the goods but he offered to retrieve them if the group gave him a day to collect from the crime lords that had taken root in Hirondel. The group agreed an returned to the Tall Tankard to aquire rooms for the coming days.



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