Cornyrius Campaign

Inside the citadel

The party pushed through the citadel battling a raging hoard of orcs which they had heard on the way up through the mountains. The pounding war drums were deafening as the party clashed with the hoard. The party narrowly dispatched the orcish legions before find that other sinister creatures had made claims to the ruins high in the mount. Kobolds skittered about ledges an along tiles peppering the party with sling blasts and javelin volleys. The party moved quickly to dispatch there reptilian opponents making sure to cut off the high ground advantage. The kobolds guarded what appeared to be an entrance to another layer of the citadel but the heroes had a nagging suspicion about the door they had not entered at the entrance of the citadel. The heroes trekked back and after many tries forced the door open that had a strange script scrawled across it. To the horror of the party the doorway revealed a hallway littered with the rotten corpses of the past inhabitants. The group crushed the shambing hoard to find a small corridor at the end of the hallway. The hall was filled with remains of the great war as well as the ghostly presence of two guards who now even in death held there orders to defend their position. The kobolds knew of the evils the citadel held and forced the old door shut keeping the monsters away from the citadels new inhabitants. The party narrowly defeated the ghosts of the guards allowing there weary souls to travel to the after life in peace. The party rested once again before descending deeper into the mountainous tomb.



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