Cornyrius Campaign

Criminal Elements part II

The party carefully went down the stair well checking for traps along the way. Skye opened the door and proceed to walk down the hallway. A click went off and suddenly the floor of the hallway gave out revealing a shallow pit of yellow acid. Skye waded through the acid though he was seriously burned in the process. The rest of the party managed to navigate the small ledge on the side to safety. The party proceeded to another door an prepared for the worst. Since they sprung the trap the element of surprise was lost. They opened the door to reveal a large room full of thugs and bandits. The room looked as if living shadow danced across it. A large fountain spewed forth black liquid as the shadows waxed and waned. Next to the fountain was a shade creature who ordered the bandits to attack. The bandits fought well but they were no match for the heroes although the shadow blinded both Skye and Brewntuk with its viscus black shadow. Within the empty rooms the party found what was left of the slave quarters. The room was littered with blood stains, remnants of torn clothing and a few bone fragments as well as the contact Imyth chained to the wall. The bandits had stashed 89 gp and 213 sp hidden throughout the hideout. The final room of the hide out led underground to a cave network which emerged an hour outside of Hirondel. Once back in Hirondel, Imyth paid the party what was owed for the goods they transported for Badger. He thanked the adventurers before they returned to the magistrates office to discuss what they had found in the abandoned district of town. Pleased with that the adventurers had rid the city of some growing criminal element she annouced that they were honored guests of the town. She also personally gave them a gold embossed invitation to a masquerade ball in Hirondel occurring in two weeks. Imara implored the party to set out once again to find the meaning behind the goblin assault. The party returned to the wall where Rayne successfully found the goblins trail an so they marched west to find the goblins lair.



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