Cornyrius Campaign

Criminal Elements

While the party waited for Druun to return Badger’s goods they visited various parts of the town. Mikal and Nadar went to Curwin’s Curiosities and Oddities to see if Curwin could translate the scroll from Goblin. The two helped Curwin replace his shattered store front in hopes that he would help them translate the scroll. Curwin agreed to translate the scroll but it would require some time. From the shop the two traveled to the magistrates home. They met the Magistrate lady Imara. Imara was instantly taken by the demeanor and stature of Nadar. The two asked what could be done to aid her city. Imara pleased with the heroes thanked them for helping to repeal the Goblin incursion. She asked that if they could find what was the cause of the Goblin attack until then the city wall was in desperate need of repair. The two bid Imara adieu and headed to the exploded wall to help the masons with their repairs. While Nadar and Mikal worked on the town wall Skye and Brewntuk searched for more information regarding Imyth. They questioned various towns people before stumbling upon an empty cart reported to be Imyth’s. Reluctantly a few local merchants told the two of what had been going on to the merchants. A group of thugs had begun gathering protection money however no one would come forth with names. At Imyth’s cart there was clearly signs of a struggle although the other merchants had not seen him since the Goblin attack. The two investigated the town guards at a distance but found that they were genuine in their work. Skye and Brewntuk thought it best to regroup with the rest of the party. The group rejoined and shared there news with one another. After they shared their insights they returned to Curwin’s to retrieve the newly translated text. Curwin told the party of the goblins plans. They were to retrieve the Ogre’s Fang at any cost and return it to High Shaman Sarscogg so that he could complete the ritual and summon him. Before returning back to the docks to find druun the party went to the magistrate’s house to fill Imara in what what they had uncovered. Imara gave her approval to hunt down both the crime lords of the city as well as the Goblin invaders. Before setting off to meet Druun, Skye rummaged through the library in the magister’s chambers regarding the towns history. He found repeated attacks by the Red Claw Goblin tribe. The town had many skirmishes with the red claws but it wasn’t until the “terror” arrived that the town could not handle the goblins. The “terror” as it was referred to was an Ogre who took over and reformed the tribe. He militarized the tribe, teaching them battlefield tactics as well as how to forge their own armor and weapons. The books chronicled the savagery of the tribe through out the years until the ogres death at the hands of some traveling adventurers some time ago. After completing his readings it was well into nightfall so the adventures went to the docks to meet up with druun. While at the docks a small fishing trolley was docked in the harbor. A deck hand asked them to unload his cargo for a few gold pieces. While unloading the crates and barrels, Rayne heard noises from within the cargo. Opening the barrels revealed several small children stashed within. The deck hand alerted the crew and they began to undock. The adventurers attempted to board the ship. Nadar fell into the harbor but Mikal an Brewntuk both made it aboard the ship. Nadar used his dragons breath to freeze the trolly in the harbor. The crew said they just made the drops and were not aware of the slave trade, they were just trying to make some coin. With much reluctance the adventurers let the ship sail off as druun appearing stumbling to the docks. The group confronted Druun about the children but he had nothing to say of them or the parties goods. He could not get the goods back and he just unloaded the ships and took the cargo to the syndicate. Brewntuk decided to take the children to brother Lain at the temple while the party drug druun back into town so that he could show them where the thieves hideout was. On the outskirts of town several abandoned houses lined the streets within one of these houses was a hidden cellar. Before going into the cellar Skye pulled out his short sword an stabbed Druun in the eye plucking it from his skull. Druun dropped to the floor lifeless. The group forced open the old cellar door and made their way down into the hideout.



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