Cornyrius Campaign


The party made haste to the mountains. The group made camp at the base of the mountains deciding to get a full nights rest before attempting to scale the mountains. Rayne entered a trance in an attempt to commune with the mountain spirits. A few members heard war drums off in the distance during their watches throughout the trip to the mountains while others did not pick up on such sounds. Once morning came the troupe abandoned their horses and wagons and proceeded to climb the summit of the mountains on foot. Rayne like a woman possessed darted up the ledges leading the party along what appeared to be a usable trail. The party traveled well into mid day before coming upon a reflecting pool. The pool was filled by a cascading waterfall that originated high above in the greater crags of the Andorian moutains. The pool eventually drained down the mountain providing a source of fresh water to Norther Saymar. Off to the northwest there appeared to be a grouping of ruins. Mikail recalled that Saymar had many mountain strongholds due to its strategic local an relative proximity to Tazmygor. The ruins appeared to be destroyed some time during the last war. The party figured these were the ruins Badger spoke of. However there was no citadel other then perhaps those ruins in sight. Sered noticed while staring at the waterfall that something was unnatural about the nature of the cascade. It appeared to shift back an forth. While the party tried to examine the waterfall, Rayne dove into the pool disappearing from sight. Sered walked into the pool and the rest of the party soon followed. Behind the waterfall laid a cave complex descending into the water. The party inhaled deep and dove into the sprawling cave. Eventually the cave opened up to an entire cavern carved from the very mountain they were gazing out. While the party pulled themselves up to the citadel door Brewntuck noticed Mikail had not come out of the underwater cave and dove in after him. Mikail saw Brewntuck who helped to lead him our of the cave and up to the surface before he went unconscious. The party unloaded Sered’s floating disc of their weapons and armor and prepared to enter the Citadel.



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